Slalom Racing on Llandudno High Street!

This morning I needed to pick something up from Woolworths and decided to walk through town. From Craig-y-don to the coach park was a doddle, but when I reached the town centre it suddenly became very busy. I had to weave and dodge my way through pedestrians who toddle along, suddenly changing direction for no apparent reason. It is very difficult not to laugh at their shocked expressions as I zip passed them! It was like being in a slalom race. Still, I got what I needed and didn’t cause anyone a nasty injury!

I popped over to Colwyn Bay this afternoon for a drink with a friend at The Litten Tree. A great pub if your in a wheelchair. Easy access, wide open bar area, and a Radar key toilet right by the bar. I would highly recommend it!

My friend, Tom, is a vocalist in a local band called The Racketears. More information on them to come later on.

A quick trip out to bangor followed, before getting back for tea and to do some work on my up comming web portal. I am looking forward to completing this project and getting it hosted on the web. It should be of great use to disabled people in the area. Again, more information and up dates to follow.

That’s it for now, but, in the words of Arnie, “I’ll be back!”



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