Trip Out to Caernarfon


C & J’s Chippy

I went over to Caernarfon this morning by bus. I travelled on the number 9a KMP bus. Very comfortable and spacious, I enjoy travelling on these buses.

If your ever in Caernarfon and find yourself fancying a bag of chips, I can highly recomend C & J’s Chippy on the main street. The chips there are always well cooked and the staff are friendly, even to a Manc like me! I went in a couple of months ago and was chatting to the owner in welsh, after a while my friend asked “what do you think of Damians command of the welsh language?” The owner said I spoke with a good accent and asumed I was Welsh. He was supprised when my friend told him I was from Manchester! I think it is only good manners to make an effort to speak the language of the people whose country you are in, and we are in Wales are we not?


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