Ooops! who put that bridge there?

For those of you who don’t position their chairs correctly when getting on a bus, here is an object lesson in what can happen.

Today I was coming back from Caernarfon on a Number 5 bus, when some idiot driving too fast caused the bus driver to brake suddenly. He lost control and swerved into Tal-y-Bont bridge. The bus was a right off, the driver was lucky to get away uninjured. Fortunatly, I always make sure I position my wheelchair with the back against the bulkhead. This certainly saved me being thrown about the inside of the bus and meant I left completely uninjured!

I have to mention the Driver, Danny, he was able to minimize the impact by some good driving and was instantly concerned for the passengers even though he had narrowly avoided serious injury himself.

So, make sure you position your wheelchair properly when you get on a bus, you never know!


One thought on “Ooops! who put that bridge there?”

  1. Dear Damian, I am glad to hear that you were uninjured and would like to Thank you for your kind words in the letters sent and on your blog. A lesson was learnt by all of us that day on passanger saftey and travelling on buses, The life of the passangers are in the hands of the driver, and luckly that day we all avoided a nasty accident. As people say in life “you don`t know whats round the corner” HAHA.
    I have had plenty of banter from the lads at work and praise from yourself and management, I look forward to meeting you again one day on my bus but next time I promise not to hit anything. Danny.

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