Stamp out Hate Crime.

A new campaign is about to be started by the Disability Now website. It’s aim is to raise awareness of hate crimes perpetrated against the disabled community.

Surely, the criminal justice system should treat disability hate crime far more seriously. It is no different to hate crimes aimed at race or sexuality, and should be dealt with in the same way.

Someone I know personally was mugged in a Southport street, targeted because he was in a wheelchair. there are many other such cases.

To find out more, visit


One thought on “Stamp out Hate Crime.”

  1. Hi Damian,

    I’m producing a 5 live Report for the Rachel Burden programme on December 2nd looking at the issue of disability hate crime. I was interested to read your blog post about the person you know who was targetted because he’s in a wheelchair. Would it be possible to have a chat with you about it?

    Email me at or call 0161 834 9955


    Senior Producer
    All Out Productions

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