A letter to my MP

I have written to Betty Williams MP concerning the new bill on disability hate crime. Below is the contents of the letter, if you have any experiences or thoughts on the matter, let me know by dropping me a line.

Cheers Damian.

Dear Betty Williams,


I am writing to ask you whether you will be actively supporting the new bill, outlined in the Queens speech, which includes the new offence of inciting hatred against disabled people?


For too long disability hate crime has not been taken seriously, while race, sexuality, and religious hate crime has been in the public eye.

Many cases are now being collated by the website disabilitynow.org.uk, and they are poised to start a campaign against it.



There is much material out there which would, I’m sure, be treated much more seriously if it were aimed at a persons race or religion, yet is tolerated because it is aimed at disability. Perhaps you could look at an example which was posted on You Tube? If you go to www.youtube.com and search for Joey Deacon you will see a list of particularly offensive videos aimed at people, like me, who suffer from cerebral palsy.


I hope we can all rely on your support concerning this matter?

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

Damian Plant.


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