Shopping Woes

Is it just me, or does anyone else find shopping in a wheelchair an absolute nightmare?

I live in my own flat and try to be as independent as I possibly can. I like to choose my shopping myself, it’s something everyone takes for granted. Obviously, as I need someone to push the wheelchair for me, I am unable to take a big trolley round myself. To this end, I always try to get an assisted shop. The problem is it’s not that easy.

Some supermarkets do offer an assisted shop, but you have to phone well in advance and then they phone you back with a time that suits them. Does everyone else have to accept an appointment to do their shopping arranged by the shop?

And that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a supermarket that does it in the first place.

Some supermarkets offer an online shopping and delivery service, which is fine if you want to do it this way, but what if you want to actually see what you’re buying in person or test the freshness of fruit, for example?

I would commend, however, Iceland for their attitude toward disabled customers. They not only offer an assisted shop, when YOU need it, but deliver aswell! I only wish they could ensure enough staff are available at all times, it is frustrating when you turn up to shop and they are short staffed, although a phone call in advance would ensure that is not a problem. Well done Iceland! Let’s hope some other bigger supermarkets take a leaf out of their book and consider those of us who need a little more help, and not concentrate on how big their profits are!


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