Now Linked on The Daily Post and Weekly News Websites!

This weblog is now linked on the Daily Post and North Wales Weekly News websites. They both have a pages dedicated to Blogging.

The Address is for the Daily Post is and for The Weekly News

Lets hope we can get more people reading the blog and start some discussions on the issues that affect us all.

My contact link is below if you have anything you want me to look in to.


2 thoughts on “Now Linked on The Daily Post and Weekly News Websites!”

  1. Hi Damian,
    Blog looking good particularly like the picture of Llandudno on it. Well done on giving some positive feedback and congrats on the article on hospital radio. Keep up the good work!! See you soon Nia

  2. Hello Damien.

    Browsing the NWW site for the first time I came across your blog.

    I’m a Llandudno exile living in Norfolk. Here in England, things are organised slightly differently and my main campaigning thrust in the past few years has been (and still is) as an independent monitor of developments in what is called Patient and Public Involvement in Health. The Community Health Councils you still have in Wales were replaced here in 2003 by Patient and Public Involvement Forums – hence the term PPI.

    And hence the title of my blog – PPlog.

    Anyway, I’m really involved in the same sort of activity as yourself – a disabled service user pushing for the furtherance of disabled people’s rights and it seems to me, as we have common ground – not the least Llandudno roots, it would be good to keep in touch and share information.

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