Trouble on the Buses!

I almost had a bit of a problem this evening whilst travelling back from Caernarfon on a number 5 bus.

Just outside Y Felin Heli, the bus was pulled over and another driver advised the driver of our bus that they needed to swap buses. Our driver informed him he had a wheelchair passenger aboard and the other bus was stepped. This would have meant me waiting by the side of the road in the dark, as there are no overhead lights on that stretch, for at least 15 minutes. The driver of the bus I was on called the depot on his mobile and told them, in no uncertain terms, that he had no intention of allowing us to alight here and would swap buses at Bangor Station. He also suggested that a member of management should come down and tell me in person why I would have to wait for another bus, which was by no means certain to have space for me on it anyway.

Amazingly, when we reached Bangor, the bus company had put on a low floor bus for the remainder of the journey. I have to wonder, however, how much the driver mentioning that I wrote articles that appear in the local paper influenced their decision. 

At the end of the day, Arriva supplied me with suitable transport to my destination. Let us hope though, in future, they ensure that they know whether a wheelchair passenger is on board a bus before they replace it with a stepped one. It was a good job I had a thoughtful driver on my bus or things may have been different!


A big thanks to him and Arriva.


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