Busy Day!

Today I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with a guy called Danny from the Daily Post.

We were out and about in the Llandudno and Craig-y-Don area looking at the problems that face disabled people on a daily basis. We concentrated, today, on getting about on foot or in a wheelchair.

It is surprising just how many difficulties arise in a simple walk to the shops. We came across many obstacles on a journey from Craig-y-Don to Asda. Pot-holes and high kerbs hindered our progress, this was never more evident than when we walked along the road which bisects Champneys Retail Park. Many times we had to reverse off the pavement on to the road itself, as there were no drop kerbs, putting ourselves at some risk from passing traffic.

We were visiting Asda to talk about assisted shopping, I have used this facility many times and find it very helpful. The staff there are more than happy to oblige if asked. I have found Steph, one of the staff, exceedingly helpful whenever I have needed assistance. All I have to do is ring in advance to get help.

Steph at Asda

Steph and Me at Asda



One thought on “Busy Day!”

  1. Two years ago when I was 20 weeks pregnant I broke my ankle and was forced to use a wheelchair. It was the biggest eyeopener of my life. Unless I had experienced it first hand I would never have believed how unaware people are especially when shopping. I do not believe they are deliberately inconsiderate I just believe they are so engrossed in their own tasks that they literally do not see wheelchairs.

    I love your blogs Damien. You are doing sterling work in highlighting the difficulties experienced by the disabled and I admire you enormously.

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