A Rant About Mobile Phones.

Is it just me, or is anyone else driven to distraction by Mobiles?

I know we all need them, well I do, but do they have to be so annoying? It was bad enough with those stupid ring tones, (Who can forget the Crazy Frog!) but why on earth did someone put speakers in them?

Now, every time you travel by bus, you are bombarded by the latest, and most irritating, chart hits. Not only that but you are treated to sound quality that perfectly simulates Radio Luxembourg from the 1960’s! Wonderful!

By the way, if you are travelling towards Bangor and are hoping to go through Llanfairfechan, think again for the next Three weeks. The slip road coming out on to the A55, Bangor end, is closed for three weeks or so.

Right, I’ve had my rant. If anyone else is fed up with something, send me an Email and I’ll post it for you.


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