Bus Drivers

In the past I have sometimes been critical of the way some bus drivers drive, but I have to say that not all bus drivers are the same.

I went up to Corwen on the X51 on Wednesday and found the driver on that bus, Karen Pierce, to be extremely courteous and considerate. She always ensured that passengers were seated before pulling away from the kerb and was careful to position the bus at the kerb so as to make it easier for elderly or disabled passengers to get on and off the bus. 

It makes a huge difference to have a driver who greets every one with a smile and a kind word, some elderly people really appreciate a gesture like this. 

I can name a few drivers who I have met who have this way with people. Notably, Dave, Karen, and Sue Hughes from the Rhyl depot, Danny from the Bangor depot, and Pete who drives for KMP buses out of Llanberis. There are others but I don’t know all the names, yet. 

It doesn’t take much effort to be thoughtful, but it makes a big difference. 

Well done guys, and gals, keep it up!


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