Don’t Accept Poor Service!

A good friend of mine was in Manchester with her family this week and decided to pop in to Pizza Hut in Piccadilly for a meal.

The Meal was very good and along with it she had a small bottle of wine, which she only drank a small amount from. As she was about to leave she thought she may as well take the half bottle with her as she had paid for it. She asked one of the staff to bring her the bottle top. To her consternation, the manageress of the Pizza Hut shouted across that the staff was not to give her the bottle top as, and I quote, “We are not an Off Licence”

Obviously my friend was very angry at the attitude shown to her and the embarrassing way the manageress had acted. She got up and complained to the manageress who walked away without giving either an explanation or apology. This sort of rudeness seems to be not uncommon nowadays, and would not be tolerated in most other countries. Needless to say, a complaint is on its way to Pizza Hut!

And this is my point, we seem to accept this sort of thing here when we should not. If someone is rude, complain. If the service you receive or product you buy is not up to standard, then take it back or refuse to accept it. I bought a Cheese Sandwich in a shop next to the Visitor office in Rhyl yesterday. I had gone to catch a bus when I tried it. It was totally disgusting! I would have taken it back to the shop and demanded my money back if I had had the time. Why should I accept something like that?

We pay good money for the things we buy so we should expect exactly what we pay for. So, stand up for your rights and complain if you need to.

If you have any similar experiences contact me.


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