Thinking About Absent Friends.

I was sitting here thinking earlier about people who have been important to me in various ways in the past. There have been so many, it’s difficult to remember them all. Friends, Teachers, Schoolmates, Medical staff who have helped me along the way, and many others, like the Newspaper Staff who I work with.

But, there is one who jumps out of my memory and always brings a smile. I was using the day services offered by the Leonard Cheshire Home in Colwyn Bay, and to be honest, I wasn’t really enjoying it much. Then I was asked to go up and spend some time in the Marion Suite, a Physiotherapy and Leisure centre attached to the main unit. It was here that I met Kimberly Fortescue-Joseph, a nurse who ran the unit. Every time I went up there I was greeted with a warm smile and a friendly word. She always managed to make people laugh and feel at ease.

There was just something special about Kim, I remember one time in particular. The staff in the main unit were too busy to assist me and I was becoming frustrated and not a little annoyed, so I decided to get out and go up to the Marion Suite. Even though she was busy herself, Kim did not hesitate to offer assistance straight away and just the sound of her voice eased my irritation and relaxed me.

I often wonder what became of Kim after she moved South with her Fiancé to take up another job. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to run in to her somewhere. You never know.


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