You just can’t get the staff these days!

Well, what an eventful day! I had to drop some posters off in Graig Park, Dyserth, today for Kerry and stopped to get diesel on the way.  Unfortunately, Chris, my support worker, managed to put petrol in the tank instead!  All was well until we got back into the car in Dyserth and it wouldn’t start.  At first we were both perplexed about why the car wouldn’t go, but Chris soon realised his mistake and we had to get on the phone to the RAC.

I explained that I suffered from cerebral palsy and needed a wheelchair-friendly vehicle to take me home.  They made the call a priority case and within 30 minutes an RAC van had arrived to sort out the car.  The repairman telephoned for a recovery vehicle and a taxi to take us home, which both also arrived within 30 minutes.  They took the car away to be repaired and we got back safely thanks to a wheelchair-friendly taxi, all courtesy of the RAC.

I would definitely say I was pleased with the rapid response of the RAC and the level of service they provided.  If they hadn’t managed to get me an appropriate taxi I would have been really stuck.  Thanks very much to Kerry, the Graig Park receptionist, who let us sit in the warm while we waited!


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