Out Raising Awareness again!

I was out on the buses again today, to try and keep awareness of the needs of disabled passengers to the fore. I like to travel about on different routes to see how accessible they are and to monitor drivers attitudes. Most drivers are very good, but it doesn’t hurt to keep them on their toes.

I was on my way to Corwen, Via Rhyl, and was waiting for the X51 at Rhyl station. They were going to put a stepped bus on. They saw a wheelchair and put a low floor bus on, but unfortunately it got as far as Bodelwyddan before we had to change buses. The bus had a problem with it’s hydraulics and could not go any further. Luckily, there was a bus right behind us which was going up to Denbigh, so we got on that. Once in Denbigh, we decided to see what bus came along and go off in that direction. We caught the number 76 bus to Llandyrnog, which is a little village out in the rural area near Denbigh. It was nice to see accessible buses on rural routes like this one, as many elderly and disabled people have difficulty getting from their local communities to the larger towns. The driver of this bus, by the way, was extremely friendly and helpful. Good one M & H Coaches!

Before I finish up I would just like to say that, even in these times when everyone seems to be out for themselves, there are some nice people about. I had been waiting in Rhyl for some time and was getting quite cold. A lady with a pram, who was in front of me in the queue, insisted that I go before her and her children. I tried to say no but she was not having any of it. What a nice act. I wish there were more people about like her, for everyone’s sake.


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