Nice one Arriva!

Yesterday, 2nd May, I was invited to take part in a training session for Arriva drivers and staff. This had been set up after the conversation I had on Radio Wales’s Richard Evans Show with Mr Tom Balshaw from the Arriva Head Office.

I am at present writing a full account of the session, but would just like to say how impressed I was with the attitude of the trainer, Ian, and all the drivers who took part.

A huge pat on the back goes out to Arriva for setting this up and taking in to account the views of disabled patrons.

Thanks again Arriva!


1 thought on “Nice one Arriva!”

  1. Hi Damian, Glad to hear about your session with Arriva, I would be interested to read the full account of that meeting if possible, as it may be relevant to the disabled people who use the bus service in Gwynedd- where I work. If so I could foreward on any ifo/ outcomes to some of my contacts at this end. Write back and let me know if you get the chance- Kund regards, Kathy.

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