Disability and the Police

On Wednesday the 21st, I will be interviewing representatives from North Wales Police as part of a piece I am writing about disabled people in the legal system.

It will focus on how disabled people are dealt with if they are, for what ever reason, detained by the police. Not just obvious physical disabilities like being in a wheelchair, but also those which may not be as apparent, such as Autism or Learning Difficulties.

If anyone has anything to say on the matter or recollect any stories which are relevant to this piece, please write in to me. We won’t need to use names or addresses. The contact link is on the right hand side of the page.


2 thoughts on “Disability and the Police”

  1. Hello again Damian, this is another subject which interests me, and I’m sure the Conwy Learning Disabilities Forum would like to know how your meeting goes as they have raised this issue a number of times over the last few years. You could contact Tony about this. As for my experience, it seems that the ‘unreliable witness’ lable can still be an issue for disabled victims/ witnesses of crime. Do North Wales Police have access to a ‘witness intermediary’ to support vulnerable witnesses yet? For more info on the witness intermediaries contact VOICE UK.
    Kind regards, Kathy

  2. Damian, I just wanted to post a comment on this article to say, Thank You for inviting myself and Greg George to speak to you the other day. I know you have posted that this thread is ongoing and we both look forward to visiting you again next week for the next round of questions. We found the visit valuable to us and hope you felt likewise.
    See you soon, kind regards, Andrea

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