Walking The Beat.

As part of an on going piece I have been writing about the Police and Disabled Issues, I was invited to join two members of Llandudno Constabulary on a walk around Craig-y-Don, so on Monday the 9th of June I joined PC Lowri Jones and PCSO Gail Starr to “Walk the Beat”.

It was a bright sunny morning in Llandudno, so we walked down Mostyn Avenue to the junction with Clarence Road. Here I pointed out the difficulty wheelchair users have with many of the kerbs around town, especially in the older parts. There was no drop kerb and the pavement was damaged, making it unsafe to negotiate without the utmost care. We came across many other examples as we walked into the housing estate off Clarence Road and took a number of photographs to document how awkward they can be.

During our walk we came across a discarded jacket left on a bench in Craig-y-Don Park. It occurred to me at this point that we take for granted the job done by our Police Officers. The seemingly simple task of checking a forgotten jacket on a park bench, is complicated by the danger posed by the possibility of drug taking equipment in the pockets, and the resulting risk posed to the health of the officers. Health and safety procedures had to be followed, including the use of protective gloves, as the jacket was taken to the Lost Property Office.

After our circuit of Craig-y-Don, we walked along Mostyn Broadway and down to the Police Station. Here we finished off the morning with introductions to colleagues, a nice cup of tea and some friendly chat. Both Lowri and Gail told me they felt as though their eyes had been opened to issues they had not really thought about before.

I would like to express my thanks for the time given by the Two Officers and the interest they showed in my views and opinions.


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