Service With A Smile

How many times have you gone in to a shop to buy something or just to browse, only to find that the staff seem to have little time to give you?

It seems to me that it’s all rush, rush, rush, and how quickly can we get on to the next profitable punter.

How nice it is then, when you come across people who give you the time of day and go out of their way to be friendly. It makes all the difference to many people.

If I may, I would like to give you a few examples of those people I think have the right approach.


The Self Help Shop,


Many older people may find themselves, especially at a difficult time, looking for someone who will be there just to have a chat. Anyone who knows Marie at The Self Help Shop will know that your always guaranteed a smile and a sympathetic ear there.

I think this is so important for so many and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “Let’s have more like Marie!”

Claire Davies

Llandudno Swimming Pool

The need for good friendly service does not just apply to shops, but also public buildings as well. A perfect example of how to get it right is Llandudno Swimming Pool. All the staff are great, greet you with a smile when you go in and are always ready to help or to give advice. This goes for everyone, Pete, the Manager included.

Take Claire on reception, she never fails to find a spare moment to have a chat with me when I visit, even though I know they must be busy much of the time.

Well done to all of you!


One thought on “Service With A Smile”

  1. hi

    thankyou,but the pic . o my god,you could have warned me, i would of put some slap on…ha. no you have made my day, i just think, life is to short and if i can help someone ,the day will come when i need the help. but i have loved having the shop in craig y don , you get to know all the locals and have a laugh each day,and you know how i like to chat.ha..

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