Letter to Arriva.

I have written to Arriva today, and thought you might be interested in the contents.

I monitor the busses in the region and thought i would just let them know how, I feel, things are going.

Dear Daffyd,

I just wanted to write to you, to let you know that I have recently been travelling all over the region monitoring the bus service and how disabled passengers are looked after.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the increase in the number, and suitability, of the accessible busses you now have in the fleet. It means that many more routes are now open and available to elderly and disabled patrons. Thank you for that.

As for the attitude of drivers, I must make a positive comment on the way I have noticed drivers are treating passengers, particularly those who may need a little more time to get seated or require help getting on or off the bus. Drivers seem to be, on the whole, more aware of the extra time needed by some older passengers to reach their seats and are allowing for this. A smile and a friendly face goes a long way in helping someone who feels a little self conscious to relax, then they can enjoy their journey more.

In conclusion, there has been a marked improvement in your service, which was pretty good to start with, and this is appreciated by me and, I’m pretty sure, most other passengers.

Thank you.

Damian Plant.

If you have any experiences or comments you wish to share, contact details are on the right hand side of the page.


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