I have an article about Disabled Rights in Daily Post today.

In today’s edition of The daily Post, on page Six, I have an article about an embarrassing incident which happened to me yesterday. It was also on Tudno FM’s news programme.

If you cannot get the paper in your area, I have included the whole article below.


“A RESTAURANT’S only toilet for disabled people is located in the ladies – as a man in a wheelchair found out to his embarrassment.

Damian Plant could not believe it when staff at Aberhod Old Hall restaurant in Rhos on Sea told him there was no facilities available in the gents.

Deciding he had no choice but to use it, Mr Plant, of Craig y Don, Llandudno, then found he could not get his wheelchair through the door frame.

A friend of his had to stand guard to prevent any women entering while he was in there.

He and workmates from the Llandudno Junction branch of Trash and Carry, the community scrapstore, had gone to the restaurant for a Christmas lunch.

The 30-year-old, who fights tirelessly for disabled people to be treated fairly, said: “I think it is diabolical, it was a disgrace.”

He said nothing like this had happened to him before.

“I’ve been to places and they’ve said there’s no disabled toilet. That’s OK but I won’t be going back to this place and neither will my workmates,” he said.

Aberhod Old Hall manager Andrew Owens said the toilet facilities at the restaurant complied with the disability discrimination law as its stands.

He said: “It would be desirable to have disabled facilities installed in the gents as well as the ladies but it is financially difficult.

“We have to comply with many laws passed by the Government but no funding is ever provided. Even a contribution, say half, towards the cost would be appreciated by businesses.”

Damian is well known in the Llandudno area for his tireless efforts to raise people’s awareness of disability rights.

He has made it his personal mission to improve accessibility for disabled people on bus services in North Wales and has discussed the difficulties faced by the disabled with North Wales Police and other agencies.

He has his own flat and 24-hour care so he can keep his independence and not have to live in a care home.

The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 requires all areas used by members of the public to be accessible to disabled people and insists suitable facilities are provided for them.”

I would like to offer my thanks to The Daily Post and Tudno FM for their continued support.


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