How Impressive is Google?

I had been told before how good Google’s Search Engine was, but this week I saw for myself what a useful tool it can be. I had had a problem with the entry phone to my flat and needed the wires puting back in place. Unfortunately, the engineer who came to fix it had no way of knowing where the wires went without a wiring diagram. We thought about it, and looked on Google to see if we could find one. Amazingly, we did and were able to sort the problem out!

I have been trying different things out on Google to see what you can find out about and I have been amazed at the information on the web. You can even type in my name and get to pages relating to me, my Web log, and other stuff like my pieces with the police and Daily Post!

It even works if you ask it a question, giving you  pages relevant to your query. Nice one Google!


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