Inconsiderate Parking!


One of my pet hates, and a major one at that, is people who inconsiderately park their cars over Disabled access ramps.

The picture above demonstrates a particularly bad example as it was in the middle of Llandudno at the busiest time of day and caused problems for numerous people. The taxi was parked, with the driver sat at the wheel, completely covering the ramp and it meant I had to bump down the kerb between parked cars. As I was crossing, a lady on a mobility scooter came in the opposite direction. As you can see in the picture, which is blurred to avoid embaressment to the drivers company, she struggled to get up on the pavement causing people to stand behind her in the street or walk round the rear of the taxi.

I even voiced my concerns to the driver through his open window, but he seemed oblivious to my protests.

The sad thing is, this is not an isolated incident rather it happens with infuriating regularity! Only last week I came across Two cars blocking access ramps on either side of the same road! In another example, an elderly lady sat in her car blocking an access ramp whilst two people in powered wheelchairs tried, in vain, to get her to move out of their way.

I think I know what my next campaign is going to concentrate on.


2 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Parking!”

  1. Dear Mr Plant,
    May I say from the offset that King Kabs apologises for any inconvenience caused by one of its vehicles.
    I would say in our defence that the car is NOT PARKED but is in fact picking up a very elderly lady from the bank.
    The driver has no recollection of any comments from yourself and was unaware of any problems caused to a lady in a wheelchair.
    This particular junction is particularly dificult for drivers and pedestrians and it is in exceptional circumstances a car would stop here to pick up.
    This occasion was such an exception.
    Again our apologies for inconvenience caused to you and any other pedestrians.

  2. Being a local I recognise the junction in question and also the taxi company (to which I would give kudos to for apologising in the above post). It is very busy in Llandudno, esp. in the summer – However as a driver I can honestly say that most of the inconsiderate driving I have seen has been undertaken by so called ‘professional drivers’, ie. taxi and bus drivers who seem to think they have the right of way regardless of what the highway code says.

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