Ivan’s death was tragic,his life was not’

Ivan Cameron was in many ways a very powerful child. we know of the profound effect he had on those he lived with in particular his father David. But he has changed more than his family. the black and white image of father and son gazing at each other has become iconic.
six year old Ivan,with cerebal palsy, epilipsy, unable to speak, had a huge voice. he only had to go for a walk in his buggy to be making a statement each small everyday thing he did challenge perceptions.
what makes a life tragic is not the disability itself but the constant struggle to get the services and support one needs.
you can sign up to every disabled child matters campaign at edcm.org.uk
contact a family (cafamily.org.uk) provides support and advice for families with disabled children.
I myself Damian Plant has a different viewpoint to this
My views are if you get the right circle of services the help provided does help you in every way possible, if the right help is not available you will struggle along till the right one becomes available to you.


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