I have just found this article on another, really interesting, Blog and thought you readers out there would want to read about it.

It concerns something that we, as wheelchair users, find extremely annoying and upsetting.


A YOUNG Wrexham girl with cerebral palsy was forced off a bus because the disabled seats were full… of able bodied passengers. Eleri Edwards, 11, from Llay, Wrexham, was left humiliated after the driver told her, and her mother, Sarra to get off the bus.

Her family were so furious they contacted the Evening Leader and told of their disgust and anger at the way the youngster was treated.

Eleri walks with the aid of a frame and gets around in a wheelchair.

The incident happened as Eleri and her mother were trying to catch a bus from Wrexham to Llay.

Eleri’s grandmother, Pearl Pugh, of Eighth Avenue, said: “Sarra pointed out to the driver that there was no room for her and Eleri as the spaces allocated for disabled were all taken by able-bodied people.

“The response was that the driver asked them to get off.”

Mrs Pugh said that the whole experience had been hugely humiliating and embarrassing for Eleri, who is a pupil at Castell Alun High School.

“We are so proud of her. She is an inspiration to everyone. She was born 12 weeks premature. Doctors warned that she would be blind, unable to talk, walk or hear,” added Mrs Pugh.

“But she can see, speak, hear, walks with the aid of a frame and gets about in a wheelchair. She makes the very most of everything, goes to a mainstream school and loves classes in drama and dance.

“Eleri is very special to us. She doesn’t ask for anything in life and for her to be treated in this way is terrible.

“We are trying to teach her to live independently but that it impossible with incidents like this. If these sorts of things happen to a child what chance has she got when she is an adult.”

In response, a spokesman for Arriva said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience which was caused. We would normally expect our drivers to request that priority seats are made available to those customers who require them.

“However, it can be difficult for the driver to enforce this if customers refuse to move. We are investigating this particular case.”

My thanks go out to disabilitymessageboard.blogspot.com and The Wrexham Evening Leader for first running the story.


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