more on voting made easy

This project aims to help people with learning disabilities to become more involved and interested in politics. by doing this individuals will realise that they can change things for themselves and the communities they live in and are part of. members of our foundation course which took place iport talbot in the spring, helped form our project steering group. in july they made a presentatiobn at the welsh assembly. then in august they gave another talk at the “cartrefi cymru” stand at the national eisteddfod in cardiff. Helen Mary Jones, AM, introduced us. The streering group meets every 2 months, making sure that we meet our targets.  Our leadership programme involves students attending 10 days of training, in 5 blocks of 2 days, spread over 8 or 9 weeks in total.  they teach pople about, the history of disability and inclusion, our rights and the law, voting and government, evaluation, leadership, and making presentations.  To help people’s learning we use a mixture of presentations, lots of group work, role play, watch films and most importatntly have a go at usin some of the skills we have been learning about.  Every one who has attended the programme has it is hard, as there is alot to take in, you have to work on a present a project and you have to spend a day with a leader.  Spending the day with a leader involves following them around for the day and seeing what it is that they actually do, you can get a good look at what it takes to become a leader and see what they have to do.  They are running this project to help people understand why they should vote and how their vote can help improve their community and use their new skills.


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