I’ve Hit The Magic 1000!

I have had 1000 hits this month, thanks to you and your generosity.

You are kind people for looking at my Blog.

I do not know where all these hits are coming from, but it is amazing!

I keep having a look at the Stats to see how many people have clicked on and the numbers keep growing every week.

I keep putting posters in to shop windows and handing out cards, but I am still surprised at the number of hits I am getting.

All this work keeps me busy, and occupied, just the way I like it.

As long as it is needed and wanted, I will keep it going. Bringing new stuff to report and helping with any problems, you may have.


One thought on “I’ve Hit The Magic 1000!”

  1. Congratulations Damian on reaching a 1000 hits. A great Blog and well done at the wonderful work you are doing on behalf of the disabled. It was good to see you last week and it is my first time I have visited your Blog. Some hot news for you. Carers who are required to support people at the Washington discos for people with learning disabilities no longer have to pay an entrance charge. This is great news because it means people who require the support no longer have to pay double just to be there. By the way the Washington is wheelchair friendly so if you are not too busy why dont you come along and meet everyone. I will be pleased to see you there. We had a great week at Ribby Hall with you. Why not come along next year and join us on another Moving On holiday. We are taking names now. People book early. Keep up the good work

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