Keeping Busy

Since beginning to write my Blog, back in August 2007, I have been trying to find worthwhile issues to bring up. These mainly Centre around access issues on public transport. Many of the issues concerning bus travel have been acted upon by Arriva and the other bus companies. Issues concerning access at bus stops are on-going but the council are actively working on these, take for example the bus stops in Craig-y-Don. These used to be a nightmare, with people parking in the bus bays making it impossible for wheelchair users to alight. The council have now changed these stops so they jut out in to the road, making parking in them impossible. These are the sorts of improvements that make a huge difference to people with disabilities.

Recently, I have started working alongside the local police. I go along with officers on Environmental Visual Audits. These look at issues which affect people with mobility problems and are then passed on to the relevant people to be acted upon. An example of this is when Inspector Ahari accompanied me around Colwyn bay town centre in a wheelchair to find out, first hand, what it is like for us who have to use them daily. I really appreciate all the officers who put themselves out like this and take time out of their busy schedules.

I have enjoyed working alongside the police, and have met some good friends along the way. WPC Chloe Davies, Geoff Richardson, and Greg George from the Diversity Department. PCSO’s Pam Hayers, and Gail Starr, WPC Lowri Jones and Sergeant Sam Roberts. Just to name a few.

I love to keep busy and with their help I keep very busy. So thank you to them for that.


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