Complaint to Arriva.

On the 1st of March, I had an unpleasant incident happen to me whilst traveling by public transport. I felt so strongly that I decided that I should write a letter of complaint to Arriva. Here is a copy of the letter.

1st March 2010
Dear Sir or madam,
I and my support worker where waiting for the No 12 bus at the palladium in Llandudno to go to rhyl. The bus stopped, and we asked the driver to bring the ramp out as the bus was to far away from the kerb for me to get on. The driver was not pleased, we could tell this from his mannerisms and two other bus users made comments about his attitude. The driver drove erratically and my chair was moving about and I also hurt my legs. I felt unsafe and my heart was beating fast. Another elderly man was thrust into the doors as he slammed on his breaks hard,

I was very distressed by the whole situation and was afraid to travel further, so my support worker and I decided to get off in Craig Y Don. My trip to meet friends did not happen and my day out was spoilt. I asked the driver his name when we where getting off the bus, but he just turned his back and ignored me and my request. Enclosed is a copy of the ticket and proof of the journey.

Sincerely yours,
Damian Plant

In fairness to Arriva they quickly got back to me to apologize on the drivers behalf and informed me they had offered him extra training.

Good on Arriva for acting so quickly to resolve a tricky problem.


3 thoughts on “Complaint to Arriva.”

  1. Having met your good self on the bus, I felt compelled to leave a comment about the deplorable state of the public transport infrastructure that barely exists in our fair country. I did not find your story in the least bit surprising, I’m sad to say and can empathise totally, even though I’m not wheelchair bound. The prevailing attitude that exists within the public services is reprehensible at best, where some employees do not look any further than the chair, not registering the articulate, intelligent human being. Damian, even though we met only briefly, you have my deepest admiration. If some small minded fool cannot perform his given assignment at least courteously, then he should be removed from his position, not “offered extra training”. Anyway. Rant over. Keep up the sterling work and I look forward to reading more (and possibly commenting too) in the future.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I just wanted to thank you for your comment and taking the time to write to me.

      It was nice of you to offer to help on the bus today, not many people do.

      Cheers mate.

      Keep in touch and reading the blog.


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