Colwyn Bay Heritage Group.

16penrhynroadPenrhyn Road in 1929

The Colwyn Bay Heritage Group is made up of local volunteers and organisations including Colwyn bay Library, Bay Life, Theatr Colwyn and representatives from the Civic Society.

The aim of the group is to promote the heritage of Colwyn Bay and make it accessible to the whole community. The group aims to work intergenerationaly to help break down barriers between young and older members of the community.The range of Projects they are involved with include:

Heritage Trail

The group are developing a trail around the town with an informative leaflet which will be a guide to the many interesting buildings in Colwyn Bay, Including Theatr Colwyn – The oldest Theatre in the UK.

There will also be:

MP3 Audio Trail

To accompany the Heritage Trail the group are going to work with Local Organisation, TAPE, and local people to develop an audio trail around the town.

Children’s Workshop

The group are working with Ysgol Pendolan to develop a local history workbook which will link in with the Heritage Trail and the National Curriculum.

Oral History

The group is aiming to record the personal stories and history of older members of the community, which will be made available in booklet form and on the Website.


An interactive website will be developed to support the projects. this will enable the projects to engage with a wider audience.

For further information call Helen on 01492 531996


One thought on “Colwyn Bay Heritage Group.”

  1. Colwyn Bay looks much better now that the streets have been resurfaced but the new paving slabs are particularly dangerous in icy conditions. The market was hard to get around because of this. Surely the town planners should make sure the town is accessible at all times of the year.

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