Dealing With Unwanted Callers


Unwanted doorstep callers often aim to get into your home to steal your money or valuables by distracting you or catching you off guard.

They may call at your door posing as bogus Officials claiming to be from the council, police, health carers, market researchers, gas, water, electricity, phone or TV companies. They can be very convincing and persuasive.

Rogue traders may call at your door offering home improvement services such as window/gutter cleaning, path and driveway repairs, roofing or building work, gardening and tree lopping, and other types of goods and services, which you may or may not want or need.

Sometimes they try to take advantage of your good nature by saying they are collecting for charity, or they need something from your house such as water for their car or to use your phone.

They do all these things to DISTRACT you and TRICK their way into your house.


  • They can be old or young, male or female, even young children.
  • They can appear official and may be smartly dressed with uniforms, official looking paperwork and fake ID’s.
  • They often work in teams and may pass your details on to another gang.
  • They will be very believable.

Follow The Doorstep Code!

Before you go to your front door, ask yourself:

  • Are my doors locked?
  • Am I expecting anyone?
  • Can I take a look out of the window or spyhole?
  • Do I recognise this person?
  • Have they got a vehicle I recognise?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions think:

  • Is it a bogus caller at my door?



Thanks to The All-Wales Crime Partnership for the above information.


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