Conwy Council closing down ACE and Moving on disability services!

Conwy county borough council has taking it upon themselves to stop town services in Llandudno area for people with learning disabilities at the end of march this year. the services are called ACE and moving on. (NON-ESSENTIAL SERVICES they call it)

I know a person who has used these services for a very long time. She has had learning Disabilities from birth. For many, many years she had nothing like this in her life, then along came these two wonderful services where she made really nice friends and a great affection for the people who run them and for their clients.

The council in their wisdom don’t think the services are essential. why are they hitting the most vulnerable people? everybody who use the services ( and there are very many) will then be cast aside and have no interests in life and be very lonely. They will no longer see their friends and be left a home with nothing in their lives. Someone I know who uses these services lives at home with her sister, who recently had a stroke herself and needs this respite time herself just for a few hours, a couple of days a week. Ok they have to make cuts, but why such an ESSENTIAL service.

These people have such pleasure in these activities and it grieves me immensely to see it coming to an end. Why can’t they go get grants from somewhere? Money is distributed in the wrong places. I’m sure if they asked the clients themselves they would pay to be able to go to these places – but nothing is being done. Also nothing will be put in the place of these services.

What angers me is when councils make cuts. People with cerebral palsy which i have and that are wheelchair bound like me suffer. Anymore letters that anybody to right, I will help them by fighting their corner, don’t hesitate to leave comments with your idea and views of this matter.

I hope people who read this post will help in the matter. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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