Proposed Responsible Parking bill in Scotland.

I read today in the Centre for Accessible Environments newsletter that there is a consultation underway in Scotland about bringing in a bill to try to stop irresponsible parking by thoughtless drivers.P010510_10.59

This car parked on double yellows over a clearly marked ramp!

I have been banging on about this problem for ages, so why can’t we have something similar in Wales?


This speaks for itself!

Here is the proposal:

This Bill aims to allow all pedestrians to travel along footpaths and cross roads free from obstructions caused by vehicles.

The Bill proposes to introduce a Scotland-wide ban on parking at dropped kerbs, on footpaths and double parking. There will be exceptions such as for streets with extra wide footpaths, and Local Authorities will be able to make exemptions based on local circumstances.

Introducing prohibition of parking at dropped kerbs and on footpaths can be of benefit; it could be especially beneficial to older people and disabled people. It could also benefit people with children and pushchairs.

Pretty obviously a good idea, eh?


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