Well What a day that was!

Today started off okay, with a little rain but nothing to write home about.

I had decided to check out the buses for the Action for Access campaign, so went over to get the number 13. Yet again i was disappointed to find that it was a bus without a ramp. Really as this is a bus that goes to Glan Clwyd Hospital, you would think it would be accessible.

Anyway, I decided to go on the number 5x to Caernarfon, a journey which takes about Three hours. I was pleased to see the driver was a lovely Red head that I had had the pleasure of traveling with in the past. Everything was fine until we got back in to Bangor on the return leg. Ahead of us a Padarn Bus driver had dropped passengers at an unsanctioned stop and then his bus decided this was a good time to lock up its brakes completely. Because of road works to the side of the bus, no other bus could pass him to get to the stands! The upshot was complete gridlock!


Two hours of sitting on a bus later, listening to claims of “it’ll only be a few minutes” and the like, we got off and went down to try and catch one on the main road. By this time it had started chucking it down! Not that there was anyone there to help passengers find where their busses were going from or when they were leaving! Thanks for that Arriva and Padarn Busses!!

We finally got a number 5 back to Llandudno and things were looking up. This lasted all of 5 minutes! The Expressway outside of Tal y Bont had flooded and there was a huge tailback! Another 30 minute delay followed, sitting on a steamy bus in torrential rain!  Finally we made it back to Craig-y-don Two and a half hours late after a five and three quarter hour bus journey!

Still, could have been worse, we could have been camping at Wakestock!!!



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