Kerbing Thoughtless Parking

The nuisance of drivers thoughtlessly parking alongside dropped kerbs or on the pavement, is something I’m sure, that affects every wheelchair user.

Not only can it be annoying to have to bump down a kerb in a wheelchair, but when you are forced onto the road because someone has parked on the pavement, it can be very dangerous. This also applies to the elderly and mothers with prams who can be forced on to the road or to have to step out between parked vehicles at times.

You would be surprised at the number of times I have encountered cars parked over dropped kerbs where the driver is unaware they are breaking the law.


Only today I came across three examples of inconsiderate parking in less than Twenty five minutes walking from Craig-y-Don to Gloddaeth Street in Llandudno. The first caused me to cross three roads at the junction of Queen’s road and Mostyn Avenue just to get to the chemist. What was surprising was that two of the cars had Blue Disabled badges in the windows, so you would think that they would know better. There is no excuse for abusing the badge system this way.

The Law is quite clear on the problem.

Parking across certain dropped kerbs is contrary to Highway Code rule 243 which states:

DO NOT stop or park:
• where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles;
• in front of an entrance to a property.

Also Rule 218 of the Code says: “Do not park partially or wholly on the pavement unless signs permit it”.

Civil Enforcement Officers should be enforcing these rules more actively and Drivers should be more aware of the effect inconsiderate parking can have on others. Perhaps we need to report these instances more?

On the whole, Llandudno is getting it right concerning accessibility, with good access to council facilities and shops both in the town centre and surrounding areas. Parking has always been an issue in town, but the new retail parks have helped a lot with that problem. Just a little consideration would make things much easier for those of us who have problems getting around. Lets hope drivers take heed and think before they park!


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