Meeting With Jeff Cuthbert Assembly Member

Today in conjunction with Community Voice Emma Roberts and others had the pleasure of meeting assembly member and labour party member Jeff Cuthbert.


Jeffrey Cuthbert born 4 June 1948 is Deputy Minister for Skills in the Welsh Government and has been a Labour Party member of the National Assembly for Wales for Caerphilly since 2003. He began his career in the mining industry and later worked for the Welsh Joint Education Committee as Head of the Asset to Industry Unit.
He joined the Labour Party in the mid-1960s. As a mining engineer he worked at Markham and Oakdale pits. In the 2003 election to the National Assembly for Wales, Cuthbert was selected at the last minute to replace Ron Davies.
Cuthbert was appointed Chair of the Objective One Programme Monitoring Committee for Wales in 2004, and subsequently Chair of its All-Wales successor body in 2007. He is a Chair of the Assembly’s Cross-Party Groups on Healthy Living and the Built Environment; and is co-Chair of the Cross-Party Group on Beer and the Pub. As an active trade unionist, he is co-ordinator of the UNITE Group of Labour Assembly Members. At the 2007 election he successfully defended his seat from Ron Davies.
At the 2011 Welsh General Election, Cuthbert successfully defended his seat once again; more than doubling his majority and easily seeing off another challenge from Davies, who this time stood for Plaid Cymru amidst much media hype.


There were nine groups to discuss relevant different topics of community life with the assembly member.DSCF0471DSCF0470DSCF0472


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