Congestion at Conway Road end of Champenys Retail Park.


Works are currently underway near traffic lights on the corner of Conway Road and Charlotte Road and are responsible for the closure of that particular exit from Champenys Retail Park.

Motorists are therefore left with one way out and forced to exit on to Mostyn Broadway, resulting in major delays.

Motorists reported delays of longer than an hour and a half to get out of the retail park.

A Conwy County Borough Council spokesperson said: “A traffic engineer made a site visit on Wednesday and advised the contractors on ways to improve traffic management in the area whilst the work is taking place.”

The spokesperson said once works are being completed to improve traffic flow out of Charlotte Road by providing clearer visibility at the junction, replacing the traffic light with a give way and installing a zebra crossing at a better location to improve pedestrian movement.


Llandudno Town Library.


I was rather impressed with the refurbishment of Llandudno library, even though it’s been done a while now.

This is an example of how public buildings should be done. You can see from the photo above that the book shelves are not too high so can be seen easily enough from a wheelchair.

Access is very good with loads of space between shelves and a low counter area.

Well done Conwy, now I shall be having a look at the others in the area to see if they meet this standard.

I’ll keep you posted.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis


If you are looking for a good Accessible taxi in the Llandudno area then I can recommend a reliable taxi firm.

Alliance Taxis have a really good accessible taxi and were very courteous.

Alliance Taxis

The train station

Augusta street



LL30 2AF

Tel: 01492 878787

FAX: 01492 868686



I would just like to commend Bob, from Furniture4all in Craig-y-Don, for the fact that he has gone out of his way to build a ramp to facilitate access to his shop. This he did off his own back, which I find very considerate.

If you go to Bob’s shop in Craig-y-Don, which I would highly recommend by the way, you only have to ask and he’ll bring you the ramp.

His other shop, on jubilee street, is accessible as well.

So, thanks again Bob! We need more shop keepers like you about, then access wouldn’t be an issue.

EVA in Colwyn Bay.

This morning I joined Inspector Essi Ahari, two of his officers from Colwyn bay Station, Diversity Officer Chloe Davies, and Councilor Chris Hughes for an Environmental Visual Audit of the centre of Colwyn Bay.


The idea of an EVA is to look at the access issues surrounding a particular area from the point of view those of us who use wheelchairs or have other disabilities. Inspector Ahari, and officers Andy and Sian, were good enough to volunteer to come along with me and spend some time in a wheelchair to see for themselves what wheelchair users have to face on a daily basis.

We started from Colwyn Bay police Station and made our way down towards Station Road. The first problem we encountered was at the junction of Abergele Road and Woodland Road east. The kerbs here are very uneven and problematic for those who have mobility issues.

We then went down Station Road, which has been vastly improved in recent months, and turned in to the Bay View Shopping Centre. These pedestrian areas are much better and user friendly than if traffic is moving all round you. Here is Inspector Ahari finding out first hand what it’s like to maneuver a wheelchair in the street.


Back on Abergele Road, we came across another pet hate of mine. Rain Gullys! If these gullys sink at all, they become major obstacles for wheelchair users and can cause a chair to tip forward if you are not careful.


I would like to thank Inspector Essi and his Officers, Councilor Hughes and the Members of the Press who came along to do some interviews, for giving up their valuable time to bring these issues to the public eye.