My New Car

Have a look at this little baby!

This is my fresh off the line automatic Ford Connect. The interior of this beast looks like the command deck of The Enterprise! Captain Kirk would feel quite at home, there are so many state of the art features in it.  My phone connects by Bluetooth, so I can have an argument when I’m mobile. Hahahaha.

I love it, its so smooth due to the automatic gearbox, no jarring on my spine.



Allied Healthcare Group



Allied Healthcare has been providing health and social care services for over 37 years.

The company originally commenced trading as Notionvale in May 1972, in Staffordshire, UK as a one-branch home nursing service.

Today they operate a community-based network of over 110 branch locations across the UK, which includes their most recent branch openings – East Lothian and London North.

I have been with them for a number of years now, and I would highly recommend their services.

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