I’m about to get more independent!

This coming Tuesday, I will be having a Possum Environmental Control System fitted at my flat. I can not wait!

For those of you who don’t know what it is, here’s an explanation from their Website.

“Possum is about making simple things possible.

We give control and independence to disabled and elderly people who may be totally dependent on others to do everyday tasks. Tasks you or I take for granted. Like answering the door, drawing the curtains, making a phone call, switching on the lights, or just turning on the TV.

So say you need to draw the curtains: a button activates an infra-red signal which triggers a specially designed motor to pull the curtain across the rail. Simple requirements, clever technology, easy outcomes.”

When I have it fitted, I’ll publish some photo’s and an account of how it goes.



Another Example of Good Shop Design.

I was very pleasantly surprised, on visiting Shoe Zone yesterday, at how well thought out and accessible the store was laid out. The entrance is ramped, the aisles are wide enough to accommodate even the widest wheelchair, and the stock is displayed at a height which suits everyone. Even the counter was at a good height for me to talk to the staff easily.

The staff at the shop were friendly and helpful, which is especially important if you have a disability. They even deliver, if you need that service.

So, well done Shoe Zone and I only wish more shops paid such attention to their layout.

The address of the shop is:

Shoe Zone Ltd.

Mostyn Street,
LL30 2RP