Free Parking A Tonic



In my opinion one of the best decisions the Welsh Assembly Government has made in recent months was the decision to scrap parking charges at our NHS Hospitals.

As a regular visitor to Glan Clwyd Hospital, both as a patient and to visit family and friends, I was appalled by the fact that we were expected to pay outlandish parking fees!

It is bad enough to have a loved one ill in hospital without having the extra stress of having to find the money to pay parking fees.

Well done to the Assembly for making such a wise choice.


Me on My Tilt Bed



Here is a Photograph of me using my Standing Tilt Table.

I use this every morning to enable me to stand up straight, it is important to help with my posture.

Without this table and being able to use it regularly, I would suffer terribly from being sat in a chair for long periods. I would end up leaning forward, after a time, and this becomes very uncomfortable. You get to the point where you can not get back up again.

Aids like this are very important to me, and I am looking forward to getting a new wheelchair and ultra comfortable electric bed.

I thought I would put a post about this up so people know the sorts of things out there and so they realise, with a bit of pushing, you can get what you need.

Can I send out a big Thank You to the Guys at Rehab Engineering, Especially Chris Daniels, and to Iain Mitchell at Glan Clwyd Hospital.