Congestion at Conway Road end of Champenys Retail Park.


Works are currently underway near traffic lights on the corner of Conway Road and Charlotte Road and are responsible for the closure of that particular exit from Champenys Retail Park.

Motorists are therefore left with one way out and forced to exit on to Mostyn Broadway, resulting in major delays.

Motorists reported delays of longer than an hour and a half to get out of the retail park.

A Conwy County Borough Council spokesperson said: “A traffic engineer made a site visit on Wednesday and advised the contractors on ways to improve traffic management in the area whilst the work is taking place.”

The spokesperson said once works are being completed to improve traffic flow out of Charlotte Road by providing clearer visibility at the junction, replacing the traffic light with a give way and installing a zebra crossing at a better location to improve pedestrian movement.


Roadworks on the Prom

Please be aware that there are traffic lights in place on the Prom in Craig-y-Don while they put in Gas mains at the new Life boat station.

These lights will be in place for around a week.

There are also lights near llandrillo College and in Colwyn Bay.

A55 Roadworks A Joke!


The continuing roadworks on the A55, which are causing such long tailbacks, are getting beyond a joke.

This is the sentiment expressed by North Wales Tourism chairman Chris Jackson who is calling for a review of the maintenance programme, saying they are currently occurring with too much frequency.

I know only too well what he is talking about. Only the other day I sat for almost an hour on a bus between Llandulas and Abergele! The A55 was backed up all the way to the Llandulas slip road.

It is causing problems for many people. A lady was traveling to pick up her Grandson from Nursery School and was delayed by over 25 minutes which meant that the little boy was left waiting at the school. Other commuters talk about having to wait well over half an hour for buses which are supposed to be  every twelve minutes.

I felt sorry for a controller at Rhyl Station, called Ian, who was trying stoically to organise buses that were coming in in twos and threes instead of one at a time.

The problem is that the maintenance schedule for the next 12 months has been published, and shows work stretching from Bangor in Gwynedd to the Flintshire-Cheshire border. So it looks like no end in sight for hold ups!

Road Delays Again.

Work Started week commencing the 14th February. Eastbound Lane 1 closure for cycle lane upgrade with a lane 2 width restriction of 3.65m. Duration of the work will be 10 weeks. Lane restrictions will be removed over the Easter period

Road: A55

Direction: East

At: Penmaenbach Headland

Lanes restricted: L1

Planned start date: 14 Feb 2010

Planned end date: 16 Apr 2010

Daily start time: 08:00

Daily end time: 18:00