Congestion at Conway Road end of Champenys Retail Park.


Works are currently underway near traffic lights on the corner of Conway Road and Charlotte Road and are responsible for the closure of that particular exit from Champenys Retail Park.

Motorists are therefore left with one way out and forced to exit on to Mostyn Broadway, resulting in major delays.

Motorists reported delays of longer than an hour and a half to get out of the retail park.

A Conwy County Borough Council spokesperson said: “A traffic engineer made a site visit on Wednesday and advised the contractors on ways to improve traffic management in the area whilst the work is taking place.”

The spokesperson said once works are being completed to improve traffic flow out of Charlotte Road by providing clearer visibility at the junction, replacing the traffic light with a give way and installing a zebra crossing at a better location to improve pedestrian movement.


Proposed Responsible Parking bill in Scotland.

I read today in the Centre for Accessible Environments newsletter that there is a consultation underway in Scotland about bringing in a bill to try to stop irresponsible parking by thoughtless drivers.P010510_10.59

This car parked on double yellows over a clearly marked ramp!

I have been banging on about this problem for ages, so why can’t we have something similar in Wales?


This speaks for itself!

Here is the proposal:

This Bill aims to allow all pedestrians to travel along footpaths and cross roads free from obstructions caused by vehicles.

The Bill proposes to introduce a Scotland-wide ban on parking at dropped kerbs, on footpaths and double parking. There will be exceptions such as for streets with extra wide footpaths, and Local Authorities will be able to make exemptions based on local circumstances.

Introducing prohibition of parking at dropped kerbs and on footpaths can be of benefit; it could be especially beneficial to older people and disabled people. It could also benefit people with children and pushchairs.

Pretty obviously a good idea, eh?

Fair Play Denbighshire Council

After getting a parking ticket last Saturday, 28th, i was very pleased to receive a letter today saying that the Council will cancel the fine on this occasion.

In fairness, seeing that I only got fined because the card in my blue badge wallet showed my photo and not the serial number on the other side, I would have been a little annoyed if they hadn’t.

So, there is a lesson for all of us. Make sure your badge is the right way round! Check that the disabled symbol is facing out through the window of your vehicle!

Free Parking A Tonic



In my opinion one of the best decisions the Welsh Assembly Government has made in recent months was the decision to scrap parking charges at our NHS Hospitals.

As a regular visitor to Glan Clwyd Hospital, both as a patient and to visit family and friends, I was appalled by the fact that we were expected to pay outlandish parking fees!

It is bad enough to have a loved one ill in hospital without having the extra stress of having to find the money to pay parking fees.

Well done to the Assembly for making such a wise choice.

Time to Crackdown on Blue Badge Fraud!

Disabled groups are welcoming a government crackdown on the widespread abuse of the “blue badge” parking scheme in England. Now it’s time we did it in Wales!

There are an estimated 2.5 million badges in circulation, allowing drivers to park on yellow lines as well as avoid parking and congestion charges.

It is so annoying to see perfectly healthy people using blue badges to park where they want.

A crackdown would be welcome here by a lot of people.