My new Van!

Just in case I haven’t told you yet, I have a new vehicle!

I got it at 08:30 on Thursday morning.


Nice piece of kit and it shifts too!


My Van

Here is a photo of my Peugeot Expert converted van. The conversion was done by a company called Constables and they did a fantastic job. It is extremely comfortable to travel in. The first day I got it, I went to Manchester in it!

I would be lost without this little beauty! #

Constables Conversions Phone Number 0844 88 00 218

Constables Mobility Vehicle Conversions


One of the most important things in my life is my converted van. Without my van, I would be severely limited to where I could go. I have a very busy schedule, and am always on the go, so my own transport is a must.


I have my own van, which was converted for me by Constables Mobility. The care they take is second to none, from the planning stage right down to delivering the van personally to my door!

To contact Constables either go to the link on the right of this page or phone 01323 76 75 74.

I also must commend the Peugeot Garage in Llandudno for their service and friendliness. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and I would recommend them if your thinking of buying a new car. Just ask for Nia. 01492860060