St Davids Summer Fete


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St David’s Summer Fete.


Today I had the pleasurable task of working on a stall at the St David’s Hospice Summer Fete. They asked me if I would help with the “Guess The Name of the Teddy” stall, and I was only too happy to assist.


It was a beautiful day and this really brought the crowds out. Here’s the gates a good half hour before the fete opened!


The guest of honour was the President of St David’s himself, Mr William Roach, Better known to us as Ken Barlow from Coronation Street. He came over to my stall and had a chat, what a lovely man he is!


There was a funny moment when PCSO’s Gail Star and Sarah, pretended to arrest Mr Roach and he played along in good spirit. He had time for everyone and never turned anyone down for autographs or even a photo opportunity. He was really down to earth and not at all like you would expect a star to be.


I would like to commend Janet Magill, Beth and all the staff at the Hospice for putting on a good day for everyone and to thank them personally for inviting me to become a volunteer.