Asda in Junction.

So, Asda are taking over from Netto in the Junction. I’m not sure I’m that keen on the idea myself. What was wrong with Netto?

The way things are going, you won’t be able to find any shops apart from Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury’s!

I’ll miss Netto.


Pricey Petrol

One of the things that bugs me quite a bit, is when you get a Garage which does not display it’s prices on the forecourt.

This happened to my Dad today in Penrhyn Bay, when he went to put some diesel in my van. He did not realise how expensive the diesel was at this particular garage until they had put it in for him.

It would have been much cheaper to get it from Tesco or Asda, and you even get club points at Tesco!

I know where I’ll be getting my fuel from in future, even if it means queing up.