Traffic lights on Colwyn Road, Llandudno

Watch out for delays on the road next to the new lifeboat station in Llandudno.
This may be for a few weeks and could lead to hold ups at peak times.
I’ll keep you informed.


Update to Traffic Problems

The other day i wrote on here “Buses are being stopped from the top at Gloddaeth Street, Llandudno between 13th and 28th February.
Please be aware that they will be going from Stop A and from the stop at Marks and Spencers during this work.

Well, it seems like that was a bit optimistic!

Up until today, they are still working on that piece of road and the buses are still leaving from M&S.

I will ring the council on Monday if there is no movement and let you know the result on here.

Road Delays Again.

Work Started week commencing the 14th February. Eastbound Lane 1 closure for cycle lane upgrade with a lane 2 width restriction of 3.65m. Duration of the work will be 10 weeks. Lane restrictions will be removed over the Easter period

Road: A55

Direction: East

At: Penmaenbach Headland

Lanes restricted: L1

Planned start date: 14 Feb 2010

Planned end date: 16 Apr 2010

Daily start time: 08:00

Daily end time: 18:00