Sense Llandudno

I’ve got a new job, Sheryl has given me a start date for next week!

the work we do is quite valuable to the people we support as well as providing staff with confidence and community

myself and some friends are patrons of llandudno charity shops, and sense is the one that gets 10/10 because they’re taking on someone who is less abled in some areas but very well abled in others, here i will shine!

sense was formalised in 1985 in scotland cheifly by Gillian Morbey who received an OBE for services to the deafblind community.

please talk to Sheryl, volunteers needed!

you can find out more about sense here.

llandudno branch number 01492 870619

Supermarket Advice

Please see my excerpt below from my complaint email regarding asda. but also, I’m putting a good word about tesco in llandudno junction. Because all their delivery drivers are spot on. They go the extra mile by delivering straight to my kitchen and run through the substitutions (if any) with me. So far I’ve not had to have any substitutions.

‘As someone who is relatively housebound I rely on services you offer. i Don’t feel like click and collect works for me because I feel betrayed by the trust I place in ASDA to get me the things I need.
I ordered an ink cartridge days ago, I awoke to a 6am text that you’re out of stock, I feel like this isnt enough notice.

I’d like to make an official complaint and I won’t be shopping or purchasing diesel at your garage for the foreseeable future. I will shortly be deleting my account information. 
i won’t be recommending anybody to shop at asda because of this letdown of your service’

Supermarket Delivery Times

Just be aware of the times of home delivery’s. See if you can ring customer services to get a more accurate time of delivery.

Also triple check your phone or email to see what time is given for your order to be delivered as delivery slots can say up to an 8 hour.

Rhos on sea roadworks start today 10.07.2020 on Trillo Avenue for Electric Works and is due to finish 1 week today 17.07.2020

Llandudno road works outside Venue Cymru should be finished Before Friday 17.07.20

Roadworks Update, Mostyn Broadway + Drop Kerbs update!

You can now access the footpath around the side of CurrysPC world granting access mostyn champneys. The roadworks have moved to the other side of the road, we saw excavators and wacker plates alongside the hard workers embracing the rain, meaning work is well underway!

I have also caught the council workers red handed working on one of the kerbs i have complained about.

The temporary lights on rhos coast road are faulty again, please expect log delays. workmen with lollypop stop and go sighs have been sighted as recently as today so you might be lucky.

As a side note im delighted with the service of the following shops

CurrysPCworld B and Q, HomeBargains. I want you to know that even if their item are out of stock their staff go out of their way to assist you in any enquiry that you may have. Certainly the door staff at these certain shops have assisted me from the first time i called to the moment i left later the same with my product.

Ill be formulating a chat on the telephone with my MP come Friday to mention the 3 agencies AKC, voyage, and more recently Focus care. ill bringing up their guidance through this COVID19

some info to get to know me

I was born in Manchester with Cerebral palsy. it is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. One of the symptoms is convulsions. Cerebral palsy is caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance, and posture. The cause is often unknown but some reasons are as follows: complications during birth (or shortly after) and even being a twin (like myself ).

I see myself as an avid campaigner for disabled rights, you can keep updated with my blog here: I feel that the blog gives me work do as well as my job with Age Cymru.ive recently handed my notice in with BHF and I expect to return to my other positions working in hospitals as soon as the current situation dies down.

I am supported by voyage healthcare (Deeside) mainly but also by AKC and Focus (both Colwyn bay)

I have a twin sister Faye and three brothers Warren Nicky and lee, I also consider their partners family, their partners are as follows Warrens partner is Una, Lees partner is Jenny Williams-Plant, Faye’s partner is Nathan Willet. I also see my parents Colin and Jenny very frequently, they live in West shore.

I have been described as outgoing, bubbly, friendly. And try my best to enunciate.

I’ve been a llandudno resident for may years now, I know the inns and outs of the town

I would like anybody to read this document before they talk to me about anything it is an ever changing document I hope to update regularly, when I have more information.

There’s no given time for many of my activities so anybody can ring me or email me at any time and I prefer to deal with it there and then. I prefer to lead the direction of my day, I do not have a solid eating and drinking schedule, I prefer to ask as an when I want things.

As a Man city fan I insist on caching all available games on sky that ive recently purchased.

An open letter to the angry man on the garage forecourt.

You may remember me from Saturday the 20th. I was the fellow in the ‘massive’ Ford Independence that allegedly wont fit in your open air station car wash.

I would like to remind you there are a great number of people with disabilities in the north wales area, many of who have the same size car. You need to know your customer base! My almost average sized car remains unclean , though I want to do it myself i relied on your garage but you turned me away.

Do not expect my patronage anytime soon, I’ll drive past your inadequate facilities on the way to a more superior washing station such as parking under a leaky pipe.